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Journal of Service Research Special Issue on IT-Related Service: A Multidisciplinary Perspective



  1. IT’s role in providing cost-effective service
  2. IT mediated or supported self-service
  3. IT-related service productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction
  4. IT servitization
  5. IT-related service innovations and business transformation
  6. IT-related service management and marketing
  7. IT-related service value networks
  8. IT service, customerservice, and service satisfaction
  9. IT-related service and consumer behavior
  10. IT-related service and employee attitudes and behavior
  11. IT-related service economics and pricing
  12. IT-related service engineering, systems,and computing

We expect this special issue to lead to significant cross-fertilization across fields and, therefore, to particularly high impact for the papers. The issue is sponsored by the National Science Council of Taiwan and the Center for Excellence in Service at the University of Maryland.

The best paper will receive a first-place award of $2,000, and up to three additional papers will receive honorable-mention awards of $1,000 each. In addition, each award will include an invitation for the paper to be presented at the Frontiers in Service Conference in 2013 (with complementary registration) that will coincide with the publication of the special issue.

Please submit manuscripts to http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/journsr and designate "Special Issue on IT-Related Service."

Submission Deadline: February 1, 2012; Expected Publication Date: August 2013


Katherine N. Lemon, Boston College

Guest Co-editors

Ming-Hui Huang, National Taiwan University

Roland T. Rust, University of Maryland

calls for submissions for a special interdisciplinary issue on IT-related service. Much of the radical transformation of the world economy from an industrial to a post-industrial service society comes from the contribution of information technology (IT) to service sectors and from IT as service. This special issue is multidisciplinary in nature as many disciplines play a role in the service economy. We invite scholars from marketing, information systems, operations management, human resources, finance/accounting, economics, and organizational research to submit papers on IT-related service. We are particularly interested in papers that consider the productivity and quality of IT-related service and focus on the relationship with customers (including B2C, B2B and C2C), in contrast to technology-centered approaches to service management and business interaction. Papers that include empirical, analytical, and conceptual approaches that develop or extend theory are welcome.


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