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Felicitaciones a Joaquín Aldás por su nombramiento como editor regional del Journal of Modelling in Management



Editorial objective JM2 provides a forum for those academics and researchers with a strong interest in business modelling. The journal creatively and robustly analyses the conceptual antecedents and theoretical underpinnings leading to research modelling processes which derive useful consequences in terms of business implementation and applications.

Editorial criteria JM2 is focused on the utilisation of management data which is amenable to research modelling processes and welcomes academic papers that not only encompass the whole research process (from conceptualisation to managerial implications) but also make explicit the individual links between 'antecedents and modelling' (how to tackle certain problems) and 'modelling and consequences' (how to apply the models and draw appropriate conclusions). The journal is particularly interested in innovative methodological and statistical modelling processes and those models that result in clear and justified managerial decisions.

Coverage JM2 specifically promotes and supports research writing that engages in an academically rigorous manner areas related to research modelling such as:

  • -a priori theorising conceptual models
  • Uncertainty-based reasoning models
  • Multi-attribute decision-making models
  • Generalised linear models
  • nonlinear models
  • Statistical decision models
  • Computer-based models

JM2's ethos is focused on the utilisation of management data which is susceptible to research modelling processes. The main management disciplines from which submissions derive are:

  • strategy
  • marketing
  • international business
  • operations management
  • organisational behaviour
  • organisational systems
  • human resource management
  • innovation management
  • technology management
  • information systems
  • small business management
  • performance management
  • risk management.

Unique Attributes JM2 is the only journal that supports multi-disciplinary study related to research modelling in business and management. JM2 actively encourages the advancement of knowledge and is committed to publishing research that provides sufficient clarity to produce unambiguous, testable and stable implications.

Key Journal Audiences Research-led academics and researchers from the multi-disciplinary field of business and management and other related management fields who put an emphasis on the development of research models are the primary audience. Although most of these modelling approaches are predominantly quantitative, JM2 welcomes paper submissions constructed around the designing of pure theoretical and/or conceptual models and the combined use of quantitative and qualitative approaches and information for model-building and model validation. JM2 also targets key specialised practitioners - eg. business analysts, system analysts, system engineers and business modellers.

Journal of Modelling in Management is indexed & abstracted in:

  • Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management & Marketing
  • OCLC's Electronic Collections Online


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