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Consumers and Internet Studies: a Workshop




Preliminary Programme


8:30 am Reception, registration and distribution of materials
Welcome coffee / tea
Opening Session
9:00 am Opening and welcome Meritxell Roca, Associate Director of the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, UOC
Introduction to aims of the Workshop and the Series

Overall vision of the interface between Internet Studies & Consumer - Going with the consumer towards the Internet
William H. Dutton (Oxford Internet Institute) and Inma Rodríguez-Ardura (Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, UOC)
Modules of Presentation/Response/Discussion (I )
9:30 am Feng Li (Newcastle University Business School)

Making sense of the connected consumers: the business perspective
Respondent: Josep Lladós (Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, UOC)
10:00 am Encarna Guillamón-Saorín (Carlos III University of Madrid)

Internet press releases: informative or manipulative?
Respondent: Charles Ess (Aarthus University)
10:30 am Cornelia Kutterer (Microsoft)

Future consumers – Digital values policy developments related to ICT and consumers
Respondent: Eduard Cristóbal (University of Lleida, UOC)
11:00 am Gustavo Cardoso (Institut Superior de Ciências do Trabalho i dóna Empresa)

Media consumption cultures and networked communication
Respondent: Gisela Ammetller (Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, UOC)
11.30 am Coffee Break
Modules of Presentation/Response/Discussion (II) and Plenary Discussion
12:00 am Greg Taylor (Oxford Internet Institute)

Information scarcity in an information age
Respondent: Antoni Meseguer Artola (Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, UOC)
12:30 pm Gerard Ryan (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, and UOC)

Consuming music: how Internet changed everything
Respondent: Albert Rof (Management.cat, i UOC)
13:00 pm Fiona Ellis-Chadwick (Open University Business School)

Internet retailing: the past, the present and the future
Respondent: Irene Esteban Millat (Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, UOC)
13:30 pm Working lunch – Plenary Discussion William H. Dutton and Inma Rodríguez-Ardura (Chairs)
Public Lecture and Closing Session
14:30 pm Public lecture
Carlos Flavián-Blanco (University of Zaragoza)

Virtual social networks: a new environment for a new consumer
Closing Session William H. Dutton and Inma Rodríguez-Ardura (Chairs)

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