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CFP Int Journal of Electronic CRM


The main objective of the International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management (IJECRM) is to provide a platform for interaction between researchers and practitioners who are dealing with CRM. It also aims to explore solutions to common CRM problems, including how to maximize impact from CRM technology, which warehousing techniques are most effective, and how to create and manage both short- and long-term relationships. Topics suitable for IJECRM include
but are not limited to:
 Electronic customer relationship management (ECRM)
 CRM strategy
 CRM marketing
 CRM technology and software
 Custom marketing
 Customer lifetime value
 Customer loyalty
 Customer satisfaction
 Consumer behaviour
 Customer databases
 Issues for implementing CRM systems
 Tools for capturing customer information
 Solutions for CRM problems
 Partner relationship management
 Managing and sharing customer data
 Business to business market (B2B)
 Business to consumer market (B2C)
 Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
 Supply chain dynamics and uncertainty
 Supplier relationship management (SRM)
 E-commerce customer relationships on the internet
 Supply chain management (SCM)
 Channel management
 Demand chain management (DCM)
 Strategic alliances and partnerships
 Sales management
 Manufacturing technology and systems
 Information technology and systems
 Supplier and distribution networks
 Performance measurement and performance indicators
 Research and modelling
 Logistics information systems
 International issues

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